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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Soc 214 1 Jan 13 2012 Neo-Classical view of Deviance - neo-classical theory revised the classical view - viewed as too rigid and did not take into account circumstance of individual - incorporated three new concepts - extenuating circumstances - past record of the individual - differences in free will Positivism - Auguste Comte (1798-1857) – advanced this theoretical explanation of deviance - focused on scientific methods that emphasized measurement, objectivity; - search for etiology or root cause of social phenomenon - he argued behaviour is determined by various causes of which the individual has little control Why is Theory Important? Principle components of social scientific theories of deviances involve: - an explanatory framework - empirical testing - findings that related to policy recommendation - research involves concepts, variables, hypothesis, predictions, explanations and conclusions – theory supports this Theory as Explanation: - sociological theories emphasize structure and process - structural explanations = external social and economic factors - process explanations = emphasize processes focus focus on the processes by which are labeled deviant (or marginalize the deviant, or oppress whoever is considered deviant) - assumptions provide the framework of sociological theories of deviance Includes: - basic assertions about human behaviour - about the degree of order in society - nature of the connection between individual and society empirical assessment: - all sociological theory should be testable for reliability and val
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