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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 1 Jan 16 2012 Housekeeping: Read -- Squeezed to the Point of Exclusion: The Case of Toronto Squeegee Cleaners, for Wednesday How to site: (O’Grady & Bright, 2002) – in text O’Grady, B. & R. Bright, (2002) Title of Article, Title of Book, Publisher, pages – works cited Textbook: Focus on the theories that are mentioned on class If she doesn’t talk about a theory in class it won’t be on the exam, theory only. What is Theory? Likely on midterm. Chicago School – Sociology in America - When sociology came to North America is started at the University of Chicago - It is a shift in the thinking about certain social issues, significant influence into thinking, in terms of how people wanted to live - The idea of Social Contract became more important o Social contract: rules that govern us. A tacit and implicit agreement between members of a society to cooperate for social benefits, usually by sacrificing some individual freedom in return for state protection. - Emerged in 1892 – resulted from shift of sociological ideas/thoughts from Europe to North America - Chicago school emphasized research in the community - Concerned less with abstract analysis of global statistics o Not necessarily looking at the statistics across the globe - the school was reformist and positivistic, not radical or revolutionary - interest were to describe and explain deviant lifestyles and street crime - focused less on white collar crimes or exploitation of masses, therefore only on lower class groups o gangs o prostitution Sociology 214 2 Jan 16 2012 o street homeless ness o immigrants o gambling o transient poor o drinking - main premise centres on idea that rapid social change leads to social breakdown - result = regulation in certain parts of society allowing anomic forms of deviance to emerge o suicide o mental il
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