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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 March 12 2012 1 House keeping: No class Wednesday – due to Lisa's surgery Documentary or lecture Friday History of Mental Illness and Societal Reaction − Social construction of illness has resulted in changing definitions of insanity − Early explanations linked to notions of 'evil spirits' and 'demons' − lunatic asylums or 'madhouses' evolved as responses to torturous punishments − in contemporary society, hospital and asylums began to assume the care of the mentally ill Types of mental Disorders  the DSM-IV-R (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) offers a general typology of the many types of disorders  developmental disorders  autism  organic disorders  Alzheimers  psychoactive, substances induces organic mental disorder  hallucinations  paranoia/schizophrenia  mood disorders  bipolar  depression  anxiety disorder  phobias  somatoform disorders  fear of being ill  disassociateive disorders  multiple personalities  sexual disorders  paedophilia  impulse control disorder  pyromania  kleptomania Sociology 214 March 12 2012 2 Mental Health/Mental Disorder Mental Health Comprises Four Qualities 1. psychological and social harmony and integration 2. a sound quality of life and general wellness 3. self-actualization and growth [we are productive members] 4. effective personal adaptability [how well do we conform to change/adapt] Canada Health Divides Mental Health in Two Basic Categories 1. mental disorder: serious medically diagnosed disorders that will significantly impair cognition, authenticity and relation. Therefore reduces are ability to function with society 2. mental health problems: problems that disturb the integrated links among individuals in society resulting from stress and inadequate cooping skills Perspectives on Mental Disorder − physiologists: research and treat the genetic, anatomica
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