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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Soc 214 March 21 2012 1 House Keeping: Chapter six in textbook “Looking Deviant”– Physical Appearance Deviance PhysicalAppearance as Deviant AQuote: “Talent counts thirty percent: appearance counts seventy” [Chinese Proverb] − Why do we care so much about our appearance? − We are a judgemental society, society judges us − Physical appearance is the stimulus for “social typing” or labelling that we do to others or are subjected to daily − Forms of control [informal and formal] related to physical appearance Voluntary and Involuntary PhysicalAppearance − Voluntary PhysicalAppearance: forms of physical appearance subjected to measures of social control is voluntary − Also involves political and philosophical undertones as well − Goths, punks, hippies .. .ect − Involuntary PhysicalAppearance: forms of physical appearance where there may e no choice and results in stigmatization − Extreme height, weight, skin colour − People cannot fully participate based on physical disabilities that are nonconforming − Some forms of physical appearance are both voluntary and involuntary PhysicalAppearance as Deviant – Body Weight: “too fat”, “too thin”, and “ideal” − IdealAppearance: looking a way that is perceived as normal or conforming
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