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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Soc 214 March 23 1 House Keeping: Read textbook ch: 1-4, 6-8, 10 “too fat” Commercialization, Societal Reaction and Social Control .. Continued − effects of social control: psychological, discrimination, marginalization, exclusion and isolation − resistance to social typing has resulted in an attempt to change ideals “too thin” Commercialization, Societal Reaction and Social Control − perceptions of people who are underweight are similar to those who are overweight − the “too thin” label is often applied to those who have developed eating disorders − a label of “too thin” is attached and viewed as requiring social control − social control involves medicalization, education and formal intervention − media – portrays what is appropriate Sociological Understanding − conflict perspective – deviance is a result of a clash between competing value systems/lifestyles, which are transmitted by learning from one person to another − unequal power – determines who has the right to declare normal/abnormal FeministApproach − focus on issues related to female beauty − advertising – holds up a perfection and unattainable body image for women to emulate − historically, will argue that men are who set the standards − failing to meet this artificial standard – women feel as though they have failed in their role as women − strengthening the power of men over women Other Perspectives For Understanding People WhoAre Over Or Under Weight − psychological theories [impaired psychological functioning] − family systems theory [over controlling and over structured family systems] − physiological – endocrinological issue [hormonal defects] − socio cultural issues [social norms, media, images, social learning ideologies] − social control understandings [implications of social messages
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