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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 March 28, 2012 General: -Quick guest speaker who is doing research on violence -looking for females who have been violent against males or males who have been victims of female violence to participate in a study -Contact Deb Fehr @ 292-9730 Video Continued: -Jim Jones became the head of the San Fransisco HousingAuthority -People began quitting the Temple and articles were being published in the newspaper about Jones beating his 16 year old daughter -Jones flew to Jonestown 6 hours before the article was released to the public -if you were ofAfrican-American decent you were a shareholder in Jonestown -Jones told the people they couldn’t live in the real world outside the Temple, they would not be able to function on their own - in 1978 Jones started to become mentally sick (insane), he claimed the nurses were giving him the wrong medication -Jones began sending people out of Jonestown
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