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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Constructionism continued  Remember: social construction emphasizes the importance of culture and context in understanding what occurs in society  Constructing knowledge based on this understanding  It is based on specific assumptions about reality, knowledge, and learning  Reality: is constructed through human activity, society together invent the properties of the world  Knowledge: is also a human product, and is socially and culturally constructed  Learning: a social process via social activities Sexual Deviance continued  Constructionalism – sexual scripts  Cultural Scenarios: instructional guides that exist at the level of collective life, whats okay and what is not okay  Inter-personal Scripts: re-writing the script in our relationships  Intra-Psychic Scripts: relates to our imaginations, what we believe about sex, gender, and sexuality Deviating from Sexual Norms/Characteristics Involves: 1. The degree of consent. There is a challenge in literature that we do not all agree what consent means. 2. The identities of the participants. The relationships between the participants. 3. Certain kinds of acts and conducts. 4. The settings in which this occurs. Forms of Sexual Deviance Prostitution  Prostitution is not well defined  From a sociological/deviant standpoint prostitution can be defined as: ◦ the exchange of money or material goods for a sexual act
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