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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Soc 214 March 2 2012 1 House keeping reading onADHD for next week textbook: ch 1-4, 7 -9 Explanations of Prostitution − social/psychological perspectives: prostitution explained individual and social factors − family issues – lack of stability − social class/economic factors − abuse issues – physical, sexual, drugs − economic explanation: simply engage in prostitution for the monetary gain – a choice to be financially secure − functionalist perspective: prostitution viewed as its own special institution – a necessary deviance − contributes to stability by providing men an 'outlet' − avoids social conflict − feminist perspectives vary in explanation of prostitution − Liberal Feminist: suggest women involved in prostitution due to not have access to legitimate opportunities − Social Marxist Feminist Perspective: view prostitution as a product of women being subjugated into the trade − Radical Feminist Perspective: suggest women have been historically oppressed via many ways such as prostitution − an irreconcilable dichotomy between the liberal and radical feminists understanding and explanation of women in prostitution − radical feminist: repress/eliminate prostitution − liberal feminist: advocates for laws to change to legitimize as occupation – does not necessarily represent patriarchy Forms of Sexual Deviance Pornography − pornography: derived from the Greek word pron; related to prostitutes and
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