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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 214
Lisa Broda

ADHD paper due – March 23 rd Feminist Ideas Continued − Sexual Libertarianism: sex work is empowering, not degrading. − Doesn't necessarily represent patriarchy. − Advocate laws to permit this occupation [prostitution and pornography]. − Women are not slaves or victims, but free agents. − Agents towards: creating change, self identity ... − All sexual acts, including 'sex work', have meaning independent of the culture or social structure. − Pro-sex feminist argues against 'anti-sex' ideas of radical feminism. − Suggest meaning of 'sex work' is directly negotiated within patriarchy. − Unusual sex practices can be liberating if it subverts the dominant system of patriarchy. The Practice of Deviance/Control [Mental Illness/Disorder/Health] Medicine and Social Control  Growth of medicine and its role as a social control agent has grown in modern society.  1972  Critical scholars – medicine was viewed as being a major institution of social control within modern society. We're talking about doctors, or health, the medical institution itself.  Viewed as a repository of truth the pl
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