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soc 232 Jan 11

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SOC 232
Stuart Leard

Sociology 232 th January 11 1 Outline of assignment expectations Cover basics of… Research • Searching • Concept building • Sociological Abstracts / SocINDEX • Advanced searching • Thesaurus • Broadening and/or narrowing results • Provide “demonstration” know Libraries’ Web-site & Catalogue difference between… books & journal articles scholarly vs. non-scholarly sources Qualitative and Quantitative research Consider Sage Research Methods Online (SRM) how to locate Indexes/Databases for Sociology research how to cite in Turabian style th Research Question with 1 article [Jan. 25 , 2013] Leading to… th Critical Literature Review [Feb. 15 , 2013] with a specification of research design and method with 2 additional articles Leading to… Prospectus or Research Proposal [April 3 rd, 2013] Cite everything using Turabian style Books Catalogue (subj. headings/”word”) U-Search [exploratory for UofS Library ‘s Catalogue & Indexes] Journal Articles [use indexes/databases] Sociology: • Sociological Abstracts • SocINDEX • Social Sciences Citation Index [part of Web of Science] • Possibly… Social Services Abstracts • Family & Society Studies Worldwide • Academic Search Complete Canadian content: • CPI.Q [Canadian Periodicals Index - Query] Sociology 232th January 11 2 • CBCA Complete – [Canadian Business & Current Affairs] • Canadian Newsstand Other related disciplines… Education, History, Women/Gender Studies, etc. Boolean or Logical Operators  and - narrows by “linking concepts”  or - broadens concepts with “either/or”  “exact phrase” -short precise phrase searching  ( ) - priority processing  near/x - proximity “within” x terms either way ◦ X is a number, you can search for words being near each other within a certain number of words  nx - proximity “near” x terms either way  not - excludes  * -multiple character truncation  ?? -one character truncation per ‘?’  Can Limit by… [if necessary] (depending on the index you are using) Popular vs. Scholarly/Peer-reviewed Language Year/dates Publication/document types e.g. articles, books, chapters, book reviews, dissertations, conference presentations, etc. Basics on searching • Identify major concepts [use ‘sentence’ approach] • Identify variant or other terms by which concepts are known • Build “search” – one concept at a time • Connect major concepts using “and” • “Free Text” ◦ Use unique term and/or phrase to locate “similar” items • Find one/two articles and use relevant “subject” terms to locate others searching basics 2 Example of concept mapping What are the different or differences in “learning styles” between males and females? (or's are up and down, ands are across) learning styles males/females learn* sex roles learn* n5 style* gender differences Sociology 232 th January 11 3 1. learn* n5 Style* and 2. (sex role* or gender*) Sociological abstracts • Since 1963 prepared as ‘classified’ topical print index by
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