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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 232
Stuart Leard

Sth 232 January 14 2013 1 Epistemology --> deductive approach --> Quantitative Research + Ontology --> inductive approach --> Qualitative Research exercise #1 theory and research – an example theoretical perspective − functionalist: big picture, relatively uncritical − changing patterns, comparisons? − quantitative − conflict: inequality, social change − patterns with critical context? Who believes? Who is disadvantaged? − Quantitative, qualitative, mixed − interpretive: micro-logical, meaning symbols − experiences? Local conditions? Medical and discourse? − qualitative − feminist: gender inequality − power imbalances? Intersections between gender ethnicity and class − qualitative, quantitative, mixed But.. − interpretive sociologist might contextualize research using quantitative data − functionalist might include open ended questions in survey & use selected quotations − using measures, using questions they can quantify, they will use scales What interests you about illegal drug use? What are your values and beliefs? Does perspective fit with method? Discuss... − which of the four perspectives and which general research orientation (methodology) are est suited to a study of illegal drug use? Explain. Group discussion – little bit of notes from everyone's discussion – −
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