SOC 232 Lecture Notes - Factor Analysis, Thermostat, Absenteeism

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25 Jan 2013

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Sociology 232
January 21st 2013
House keeping:
Sorokin lecture: no class next Monday (Jan 28th) – February 7th at 7:00 pm ARTS 241
start chapter four for Friday
Turabian style
use the bottom two P and R
you need to add a reference page
et al. Means for all the rest
Figure 1.1
very abstract steps in the research process
sharing is very very important
typically research articles
chapters in books
conference presentations
keynote addresses
Figure 3.1
a cycle
quantitative research
Key terms:
Concept: ideas or mental representations of things
crime, gender, alienation, love, life satisfaction
abstract ideas and building blocks of theory
Coding: transforming a measure into numbers
Example: in measuring life satisfaction, respondents who say they are 'very satisfied' may
be given a code of '1', which is recorded into a file
We're making fine distinguishing remarks from responses that we can compare to other
Likert scale:
think through an idea
how will ideas be represented in a study? How will they be defined?
researcher's thoughts about ideas/issues/topics
Use literature, discussion, and personal experience
Represent points around which social research is conducted
Clear rigorous, systematic
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