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SOC 232
Stuart Leard

Sth 232 Feb 6 2013 1 SSRL – Social Science Research Laboratory SGAL – Survey and GroupAnalysis Laboratory SECC – Student Employment and Career Centre Online survey  Growing in popularity  Email Surveys ◦ Embedded in the email ◦ easier to answer ◦ Embedded in attachments ◦ can have more elaborate and attractive formatting  Web surveys ◦ Respondents go to a website to complete the questionnaire. Advantages and disadvantages of online surveys compared to mailed questionnaires: Adva0ntages: Low cost. Faster response and processing. Fewer unanswered questions. Better response to open questions. Disadvantages: Low response rate. Restricted to online populations. Requires motivation. Confidentiality and anonymity issues. Multiple replies. Researcher-driven diaries  Aform of questionnaire  Participants record their feelings, perceptions, actions, etc. on a form shortly after they occur.  Participants should be given explicit instructions on how to complete the diary, the time periods for recording responses, and the types of experiences to be recorded.  Used for quantitative or qualitative research.  ‘structured’like a regular questionnaire with closed questions, or ‘free text’experiences written down without fixed responses, like answers to ‘open’questions. ◦ Structured: at ____ time what exercise have you done/  Advantages over interviews and questionnaires: ◦ Fairly accurate data, re: frequency or time spent on behaviours of interest ◦ Fairly accurate data about sequencing of behaviours ◦ Good for getting data on sensitive matters, e.g., sexual practices  Disadvantages ◦ More expensive than personal interviews ◦ Attrition: people may tire of using them Sth 232 Feb 6 2013 2 ◦ Details may not be recorded quickly enough. ◦ Errors, omissions ◦ to say they haven't done it honestly would put their self esteem in danger and thus they may believe they did honestly Respondent Problems - Structured Inte
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