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SOC 232 Lecture Notes - Likert Scale

Course Code
SOC 232
Stuart Leard

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Soc 232
February 11 2013
Designing the Questionnaire
Provide a clear layout and presentation
Choose vertical or horizontal answers, as appropriate
Example of vertical choice:
Example of horizontal choice:
Identify response sets in a Likert scale.
Provide clear instructions on how to respond.
Is more than one response allowed?
Should the choice of answer be circled? Underlined?
Keep a question and its answer together on the same page.
Vignette Questions
Meant to improve situations
Interviewer’s presence not as strong
Presenting people with one or more scenarios and asking them how the
characters in the vignette should respond.
Anchor the choices in a realistic situation.
Creates distance between question and respondent.
Hopefully more candid response.
Weakness: how people say they would act in a particular situation may
be very different from how they would really act.
Can provide useful information, or at least a starting point for further
Pilot Studies
Used to test whether individual items or the instrument as a whole operates
Used with open questions to generate closed questions for subsequent
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