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SOC 232
Stuart Leard

Soc 232 march 6 2013 1 Trustworthiness Credibility  Do the people studied agree with the interpretation of their thoughts and actions offered by the researcher?  This is called respondent (member) validation, but there are concerns:  The people studied may become defensive and try to censor the research.  The people studied may not give genuine feedback on what the researcher produced, but may instead try to please the researcher.  The people studied may not have the expertise to provide meaningful comments. Transferability  Can the findings be applied to other contexts or people not studied?  ‘Thick’ description helps to determine whether transferability is possible.  Provides enough information (database) in order to determine whether or not the findings are transferable to other milieu. Dependability  Were proper procedures followed?  Can the study’s theoretical inferences be justified?  ‘Auditing’ is sometimes done wherein peers review the research and procedures to see if the study is dependable.  May be time consuming and expensive because of the amount of data gathered in a qualitative research project. Confirmability  Was the researcher objective and unbiased?  ‘Auditing’ can be used to examine this.  Main Goals of Qualitative Research  Empathy  Probing ‘beneath the surface’ of social behaviour.  Seeing through the eyes of the people studied.  In-depth description and emphasis on context  Behaviour that may seem odd or irrational may become more understandable if the context is described.  Naturalism is an approach that helps the researcher gain an understanding of the social context.  Behavioural observation in its own environment. Main Goals of Qualitative Research  Empathy Soc 232
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