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Soc 233 Oct 26

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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 October 26, 2011 Symbolic Interactionism Review  Looks at how the influence of others shapes the understanding of one self. Video  Focused on how to construct our position paper.  Ideologies lose explanatory value. Case Study – Medicalization  People visit the doctor for “illnesses” which are the result of social ramifications. Pre-Modern Modern -Busy -Stress -Sad -Depressed -Worry -Anxiety 1. Functionalist Perspective – Durkheim’s Approach  When people are sick, they have to see a doctor if they want to get better.  A doctor gets paid to treat sick people; keeps them wealthy (labour division).  People seek advice of a doctor, which functions to maintain their social status (hierarchical division).  Doctors function as peace of mind to sick people; maintain sanity.  Doctors keep people healthy so they are able to continue fulfilling their role in society (labour division).  Dysfunctional – People not being able to work because they are sick.  Functional – People being able to work because they are feeling well.  Sick Role – Able to get rid of symptoms through the use of medicine.  Manifest Function
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