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Soc 233 Sept 9

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SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 – Introduction to Sociological Theory 09/09/11 Course Evaluation Test 1 – 25% on October 3, 2011 Test 2 – 25% on October 31, 2011 Position Paper – 10% on November 14, 2011 Final Exam – 40% TBA Chapter 1 - Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Early Years Social Forces in Development of Sociological Theory  Political Revolutions – Negative impacts of political revolutions; wanted to restore chaos and disorder.  Industrial Revolution and Rise of Capitalism – People are moving from agricultural lifestyles to more urban (e.g., factory) lifestyles; wanted to create more equality in capitalist society.  Rise of Socialism – Means of productions should be shared, cooperatively and productively.  Feminism – Situation of women; struggling in society; wanted women to gain a voice.  Urbanization – Movement into cities; traffic, pollution, chaos (e.g., Chicago School).  Religious Change – Many theorists were religious; academia and religion do not always mesh.  Growth of Science – Shifted role of religion in society; how can we mesh religion and society? Note – Science has a lot of credibility, because it is something you can study; empirical support. Intellectual Forces and the Rise of Sociological Theory  Enlightenment – Production of grand ideas; theorize grand ideas. Note – Theory can have its roots in a grand idea, but it needs to be tested.  Conservative Reaction to the Enlightenment – REVIEW 10 PROPOSITIONS in textbook. Classical Sociological Theory – Early 1800-1900s  Largely produced in France, England and Germany (review theorists).  Theorists try to rectify social order.  People began to look ahead; forward thinking. Founding Fathers Concerned With 4 Approaches to Society:  Economical development.  Change in economic organization.  Growth of cities.
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