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Soc 233 Sept 26

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SOC 233
Kara Somerville

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SOC 233Sept 26 2011Criticisms of DurkheimCriticized for being a functionalist and a positivistSocial facts are not as objective as he suggests he talks about social facts as things that we can study but inherent in all social facts are some subjective qualitiesHe made assumptions about human nature despite claiming otherwiseDid not give consciousness an active role in the social process not given enough human agencyMorality had too central of a role in his theories focus of everything eg education was on moralityMax Weber The modern world is an iron cage of rational systems from which there is no escape German middleclassMother led a frugal life and father enjoyed prestige and material thingsTension between parents different outlooks shaped his theorizingMain ContributionsViewed society as modernizingFormation of early capitalismNorther
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