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Soc 233 Nov 7

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SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 November 7 2011Social Network Analysis ContTopology The shape or form of the networkIdea that the individual cannot pass information unless they are connected to them directly or indirectlyWhere they are located between each otherTime The timing of contacts mattersYou cannot pass information if you do not have it yetThe flow of goods etc between tiesClass ExamplesApplication of SNAeg FacebookFamily feature friend feature etcNoteThere are a lot of different ways you can conceptualize a networkCriticisms of Social Network Analysis1 Downplays agencyNot looking at individual choices within a structure2 Typically no interest in the larger concerns with politics and institutionsPolitics and institutions can have influence3 Too much methodological and too little theoreticalEmpiricallybased knowledge ie deductive may or may not be stronger than inductiveProblemLack of sufficient computing resourcesThe process is getting so mathematicallysophisticated it is hard to find computers to process the data they are requiringFeminist TheoryThere are so many different types of feminisms it is hard to tackle all of themGender equalityEqual rights equal opportunity equal access to resourcesWomencenteredDo not focus on men as much as women as men have been focused on in past theorizing Differentiate between sex and gender Within Sociology women have been essentially invisible in theorizingMalestream biasInclude experiences of women as they are very different from menWomen are seen as appendages of menWomen are not individual and distinctA theory to empower women women have been subordinate to men in patriarchal society
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