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Soc 233 nov 28

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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 November 28, 2011 Review on Postmodernists…  Postmodernists argue we are now living in a permanent state of virtual reality.  The world we are experiencing is becoming more artificial. Class Example – Media & Crime  Crime expressed as a spectacle; sensationalized and seen as entertainment.  Media creates an image of crime for us.  eg) People will stand around and watch, take pictures, etc. as one gets beaten on a street, instead of jumping in and helping. Class Example – Death of a Princess  Death of Princess Diana.  Enormous outpouring of grief all over the world.  Were people really mourning a person? How is this possible as the majority of people do not personally know her?  Mourning images or illusion of Princess Diana, more than Princess Diana herself. Gender  Masculinity and femininity are discursively constructed.  Something that should be deconstructed. Part II of Video : From Modernity to Postmodernity  Postmodernity: Fragmentation of established institutions in modernity.  Emphasis on media, as the focus is on consumption.  Copied images are becoming more important than the originals.  Media is NOT a mirror – It is the media that CREATES our reality. Media Creates Reality  Images of gender (e.g., femininity) constantly fed through media.  Dominant Groups  Media  Ideology.  Mass production is finished; moving to diversity and fragmentation.  Media saturation constantly bombards us with CHOICES.  Choices are the foundation of the creation of an individual’s reality. Baudrillard  Hyperreality: World in media is more real than the world in itself.  People exist in a world in which they are constantly floating around in a sea of images.  Beyond the media representation, there exists some truth. Note – We consume not only material goods, but ideologies as well.  Make up our iden
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