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Soc 233 October 24, 2011 Stigma Two different types: 1. Discredited stigma- the stigma is visibly known to the audience 2. Discreditable stigma- the stigma is not visibly known. Those who have a stigma, try to hide the stigma. Those with stigmas will use strategies to try keep the stigma hidden to manage the impressions of others: -they try to flip the stigma around and put it on others (ex. Someone is stigmatized for not wanting to have children. When someone calls them selfish for not wanting to have a baby, they turn it around and say that the other person is selfish for having a baby just so they have someone to take care of them in their old age) -they try to justify why they have the stigma to explain that to others. Labeling Theory Individuals become deviant when two things occur: 1. A deviant label is applied to them 2. They adopt the label by exhibiting the behaviors, actions, and attitudes associated with the label. (self-fulfilling prophesy) they begin to act in a certain behavior because it is what is accepted. However, this labeling can happen in the opposite way, where the individuals’ behaviors make others look back at the past actions to label them. Ex: Columbine High school shooting. Eric and Dylan were labeled after the fact as loners and deviant. After the event, their past behaviors were looked at and were only then labeled as deviants. No act in itself is deviant until we label it as such. Labels impact self-identity, and we need to understand that to understand criminal behavior. Becker says that in order to understand deviance and specific forms of behavior we need to determine their meanings and labels Becker (in the 50’s) Did a study -“Becoming a Marijuana user” -Classic example of symbolic interactionism -Personal interviews with 50 individuals -Created a career model of marijuana users. He argued that it was social Applying Symbolic Interactionism Becker: Becoming a marijuana user -A person can’t become a marijuana user and enjoy the pleasure of smoking up without: 1. Learning to smoke the drug in a way that produces real effects -thru social interactions, the way we socialize and interact with others. We need to learn how to inhale properly, thru interaction in order to feel the real effects. 2.Learning to recognize the e
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