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SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 November 24, 2011 Video – Understanding Sociology from Modernity to Postmodernity Postmodern View  Sociology is dated.  Need a new form of sociology to understand the postmodern world. Postmodernism: Challenge notions of truth, reality and reason.  Without these three components, it is impossible to systematically study (a basis for the discipline of sociology). Modernity: Emergence of modern industrial society; set of changes which is loosely termed as industrial or political revolutions.  Changes in terms of knowledge and ideas; science and rationality.  Structural and ideological changes; ways of thinking about the world.  Set of ideas based upon science, rather than religion. Postmodernity: Coming after modernity. Note – Pre-modern society (i.e., Providence) was crystallized by the Enlightenment. Enlightenment: Gave rise to scientific notions of the world.  Faith in God replaced by faith in science and rational.  Science of society; explain and predict how society works. 3 Principle Ideas of Modern Society: 1. Social Order 2. Rational Understanding 3. Progress Note – Postmodernists REJECT all three Modern principles ideas! Postmodernity: Living in a society where some of the assumptions and institutions associated with Modern society are becoming superseded or obsolete. The Postmodern Condition  The ability to CHOOSE.  Everything pre-postmodernism was strictly governed.  eg) What to wear, what to eat.  Individualism now reigns supreme. Note – Postmodern society based upon choice, individualism and insecurity. Case Study : Gender and Media Gender: Mass Media: BACK TO CLASS SLIDES … Jacques Derrida  Cha
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