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Soc 321 Nov 8

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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 321
Greg Loewen

Soc 321 1 November 8 11 The New Human Religion for the Non-Human Other [ufo’s, aliens, and ourselves] Hubble UDF – Ultra Deep Field - The area of the sky is the size of a dime 75 feet away - There are 1500 Galaxies there alone, this might be a representation of the universe as a whole - Distance: 13 billion light years ‘Man and his doubles’ Foucault 1966 The exogamous alien of ethnology: The endogamous alien of psychoanalysis - Non-Western others of the primitive, the oriental, and - Rational concept of the the ancient (Goody) source of the irrational - The ‘people without a history’ - The ‘unconscious’ as the (Wolf) modern ‘spirit possession’ - Develops a fetish interest in - Introspective and allows a the aesthetic realm in a turning away from the world motion a way from world as is Exogamous – too far away Endogamous – too close (within) Science Credentials for Extraterrestrial life – I - Our own milky way is home to 400 billion starts - 100 billion suns like our own in the group - 1000’s of extra solar planet discovered – mostly by the method of ‘gravitational lensing’ Soc 321 2 November 8 11 - Strength in numbers - Suitable for life as we know it - Many similar solar systems to our own – one C. 13 billion years old Science Credentials for Extraterrestrial life – II - 14 billion years of cosmic evolution - Concept that everywhere nature is the same – the ‘mathesis universalis’ of decorates and other posits an order – a knowable one - Plenty of time of intelligence to arise - Such intelligence will be recognizable to us given that it must confro
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