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Soc 325 January 6 2014 1 • Make sure you get the second edition of the textbook -- can get used • If you email the professor make sure you email [email protected] • Read the assigned chapters before coming to class o May need to read it a couple of times o Back and forth between reading and doing • Activity based class o Heavy assignment based -- do not accept them late or via email o Assignments are worth 30% of final mark o 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 depending on how much you do and how correct it is • Critical review o Working in pairs o Review the article and produce a public statement on the article o Take what we learn and share it to those who cannot be here (non-academics) • Midterm - quiz o m/c exam o Sometime around reading week -- depending on how the course goes along- • Final exam o m/c exam o Can take one 8.5x11 formula and note page in • IN ARTS 140 on Jan 22nd and Jan 29th • Variables: o Varies -- changes • From person to person usually  Eye colour  Race -- ethnicity Age   Height  Weight  Gender -- sex  Year of study  occupation • From organization to organization • From website to website  Social media: color or amount of text on the page o Logical groupings of attribute o Levels of measurement • Nominal  Most basic -- cannot order the attributes • Example: • sex Male/Female • Occupation: social worker, police officer, doctor, accountants • Ordinal  Can order them • Example • Level of education •
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