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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 360
Darrell Mc Laughlin

Sociology 3th November 20 1 House Keeping: Read: Global Trans Reader: chapters – 35, 36, 39, 42 Social Justice: 10, 11, 12 Final Exam: − will be like midterm − will have 9 questions, three sets of three, you will choose one from each set − there will be a wildcard question, you can choose it over any other − we will narrow down the question bank on the last week Film: This is what Democracy Looks Like: 1. Why is the protest at the WTO (World Trade Organization) Seattle meeting considered a movement of movements?  Large number of people.  Strong solidarity.  Mixture of people from (almost) all stages of life and society.  Technology. 2. Identify some of the little narratives evident in the film.  Local narratives.  Changing physical, mental, emotional landscape.  Different levels of vision.  Different levels of unions.  Different experiences at different periods of time.  Narrative about American society. ◦ Rights and freedoms. 3. What issues of social justice are motivating people in the film?  Foreign workers, situation.  Environmental justice.  Gender justice – women in china  use of force against others --> peacefully protest! 4. What “Other” voices are missing?  Aboriginals.  International affairs.  WTO People. Sociology 3th November 20 2 Part two: Key Struggles for Indigenous People − bio-piracy concerns increase − ex: women in Africa with immunity to aids; DAN extracted without proper consent − not all engaged in all parts Indigenous Justice − Indigenous: people in terms of “priority in time; voluntary perpetuation of their cultural distinctiven
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