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SOC 360
Darrell Mc Laughlin

Part one: Debt and Life − Jamaica's entry into the global economic scene − when they became free, they were in economic trouble, they did not have the skills to make it on their own − market = 90,000 tons of Banana's to UK − imported goods cheaper − subsidize − free trade agreements − factory 1. Based on information from the film, how has the production structure in Jamaica changed in the last 30 years?  Dairy farmers: had a major increase in their goods up until 91, in 92 it dropped drastically  security industry – fastest growing industry (growing faster than the tourist industry)  the decline in agriculture = increase in unemployment = increase in violence and insecurity in urban populations 2. How has the good system changed in Jamaica in the same period of time?  3. If we define development as “improved economic, social and political well being of a nation”, why have the World Bank and IMF policies not resulted in increased development in Jamaica?  IMF and World Bank where there to facilitate development ◦ development didn't take place because the IMF and World Bank are funded by the major nations, so their focus on the major nations wants and needs  Many banks are closed down due to the IMF ◦ had to devalue their currency ◦ the debt is rising, they cost of import is increasing ▪ we are extracting more than putting in, importing more than they are using ◦ trade barriers: ▪ they believed that Jamaica couldn't survive on its own ▪ the foreign produce is cheaper than the local  this has caused milk production to halt, banana farms and other farms are going outta business 4. Discuss the comment from the film, “Was I born a violent man?”  if you're living in that context what might be the reasons people become violent? ◦ Environment ▪ the system being violent against you daily – poverty = structural violence ▪ not being able to meet needs  you become more desperate, you see no other option ▪ revolution Part two: Neglected Factors (Strange)  Technology ◦ Advances in the natural sciences and their impact on communication, transportation, business, government, education, medicine; ▪ geography plays a huge role ▪ education: the language of Education is English ◦ Continued importance and affect all area; ▪ major engine of globalization  we're not giving credit to the social dimensions behind it  technological determinism ◦ Military: assured mutual destruction; ▪ most of the technologies have been derivatives of military technologies  ex: pesticides – developed from military chemicals ◦ Market share more important than territory; ▪ neo-collonialism ◦ Allies among foreign owned firms (accessing markets and technologies) results in changing attitudes towards multinationals; ▪ business alliances vs. Country alliances  ex: Walmart and Nike  Finance ◦ Capital cost of technological innovations (capital replaces labour); ◦ Staying competitive; ▪ struggle to ▪ film: to stay competitive to attract money to Jamaica – 28% interest ◦ Scholarly neglected political aspects of credit creation, changes in global financial structure (volume and nature) of capital; ◦ Mobility of capital (supply and demand – technologically advancements); ▪ banks shut down, money moving out of the country ▪ people around the world compete with one another ◦ Needs more research. ▪ Under-researched component of globalization Politics, Power, and Legitimacy and challenges  Politics ◦ is not only the activity of politicians; ◦ lobbying groups (big business) ▪ tobacco  advertising laws  tobacco laws ▪ taxation ▪ market access ▪ wages  access to cheap labour ◦ special interest groups ▪ environmental ▪ marginalize groups  woman's rights  workers rights ◦ INGO's ◦ NGO's  Power ◦ over outcome in impersonal markets; ◦ challenges the different levels of authority  Other sources of legitimate authority than the state.  Legitimate Authority related issues
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