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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 360
Darrell Mc Laughlin

Socioloth 360 September 11 2012 1 ** Anything highlighted was repeated and he said was important ** 1. Why study globalization and social justice?  To understand social movements.  To understand how and why they are taking place.  To better understand the process.  We are becoming more connected  specific cultural differences, understand cultural changes  political reasons, to understand the economy 2. What are some of the consequences of globalization that you have noticed?  Globalization and capitalism  diversification --> food, communities  loss of language Week One: Globalization and Social Justice. Media images and our consciousness of the world  Watching wares and emergencies (floods in Pakistan, tsunami, AIDS, unfold)  Popular media and mediated consciousness  Desensitization along with medial information (representation)  The internet access and delivery  The haves and have nots of information and technology ◦ not a North/South divide like it is believed/perceived to be  We have a tendency to understand the local easily, unlike the global  We are more aware of the “bad news” take place Our World at Night − We can see the world as an entirety, it is all connected. − We can see the interconnections. − We can think about whats going on in the lit/dark spots. − Industrialization, representation of energy consumption. − We track the growth of the population but not energy consumption. − Distribution of cost/benefits of globalization. Socioloth 360 September 11 2012 2 Tensions between particularism and universalism.  Interdependence between the local and the global  Rate of growth of interdependence.  Universal: large scale.  GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to track economy.  Quality of life surveys (Statistics Canada). ◦ We lose the individual with these.  We need the tension to see the impact of individuals, we need to understand the tension.  It is hard to find areas in ones own life not affected by globalization, hard for full nations as well Globality and Globalization Globality: a social condition characterized by the existence of global economic, political, cultural, and environmental interconnections and flows that make many of the currently existing borders and boundaries irrelevant (Steger, 2003: 7).  If you had a completely globalized world boundaries would be irrelevant. Globalization: set of processes that are thought to transform our present condition towards globality (Steger, 2003: 8).  Process of removing rigid boundaries/boarders ◦ national: political/military ◦ cultural: material vs non-material  values don't always match up to technology Four Characteristic of Globalization 1. Creation and/or expanding social networks and activities; personal and cultural 2. Expansion of social relation, activities and inter-dependencies 3. Intensification and acceleration of social exchanges and activities 4. affect the subjective plane of human consciousness. We understand the world as: conflict, community, diversity, and fast paced Contested Areas 1. Uneven process; good or bad thing 2. Scale; to what degree is it taking place 3. Causation; what is driving it 4. Chronology; new or old 5. Impact; consequences Socioloth 360 September 11 2012 3 6. Trajectories; future, where is it going 7. Policy outcomes; what policies should be put in place Avoid Reductionism  Globalization is more than aspect or factor;  Globalists: A new period in human history; it is really happening  Sceptics: Evolution of world capitalism (uneven and unequal); much to do about nothing  Differences between the South and the North.  Not all the beneficiaries in the north, not all the victims in the south  holistic approach, but knowledge will always be incomplete  material = bipolar Social Justice “Jus
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