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University of Saskatchewan
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 220
Rachel Loewen Walker

WGST 220 January 27 2014 1 My Prairie Home • A 2013 Canadian documentary film about transgender singer/songwriter Rae Spoon, directed by Chelsea McMullan. It features musical performances and interviews about Spoon’s troubled childhood, raised by Pentecostal parents obsessed with the Rapture and an abusive father, as well as Spoon's past experiences with gender confusion. The film was shot in the Canadian Prairies, including the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Drumheller. o Film opens with Rae Spoon in a dinner singing and goes into a story from the past • About a concert and the experiences dragging on… being told it's how heaven will be o Flash forward to Rae Spoon preforming • Talking about growing up on stage -- bridging a gap between people • riding a bus -- meditation -- remaining calm and becoming one with yourself o Questioning about sexuality and gender • Initially thought they was a lesbian, until they moved and met Transgender Individuals for the first time, that's when they realized they are F-M Transgender • Everyone makes choices everyday about what to reveal about themselves • They don’t always argue about pronouns, sometimes it's just better left alone o Intense experience • Greyhound -- drug bust causing people to miss connections  People were doing a double take and holding their glare  Pretended they were so beautiful that people were caught in a gaze and couldn't look away -- made Pegasus noises in their head -- the Pegasus was their inspiration to remain calm and deal o When left home • Gave one days' notice • Cut off communication from family -- brothers and sister • Dad had a mental break down  Irrational  Covered it up  He was abusive -- even when on meds • One of their brothers died as a baby  Brought up when talking about fossils
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