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University of Saskatchewan
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 220
Rachel Loewen Walker

Rural Queers • Stereotypes around Urban vs. Rural o Queer sexuality belongs in the city • Deemphasizes and devalues rural queer experience • If its accepted o People don't try to queer rural spaces • What makes a space queer o Safety in numbers • Queer-bodies o Openness of people to learn and presence of resources • Positive space champagne o People understanding what it means to be positive • Outness is set in an achievement based argument o It doesn't always make it easier to be yourself -- what if it caused you to lose employment? Family? Social/religious group? o Portrays a bias of privilege Lesbian Park Rangers • Why they chose Banff o Colonization by tourists o Middle class westernized image of what a family is o Tries so hard to feel like a small town, but is an urban space o Banff is a spectcual space • Mocumendatry o Key tactic used o Mocking the idea that lesbians are rare o National park -- federally legitimized space for protection and conservation o Uniform • Overplaying a lot of stereotypes, the stereotype of liking a women in uniform • Queering nature o Homosexuality is natural o Alternative sexualities are natural -- they have always been here • Why does this film work better than a lecture or book o Presented as entertainment o More reachable for people o More palatable o Humor reaches people better than say a lecture series • How does it link of with Rural Queers? o Opening up a whole new world to the one lady o Not that long ago, was not an open and out space Space, Time, and Bodies WGST 220 January 20 2014 1 Bodies and Cities • We construct the cities but they also construct us • Constructed by people at a particular time, it would look different at a different time • 104 -- the city is one of the crucial factors in social production of (sexed) corporeality; the built environment provides the context and coordinates for contemporary forms of body o Physical environment has an effect on the body o Ex: a classroom as an impact on how and what they are le
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