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Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 220
Rachel Loewen Walker

WGST 220 March 17 2014 1 Presentation -- aim for ten min Meeting at the Avenue Community Centre #201 320 21st west Schedule: March 24 March 31 • Brad • Syde • Abiso ny la • Inger • Mark • Debb • Rebe ie cca and Kelly • Chris • Chel tina • Vic sea and Amy • Lisett e and Evan Paranoid temporality: • always accounting for future losses in the present, fear and protect towards already established things •Working on preserving things against time •Guarding against risk and assuming a future of scarcity •A fear drove into an idea about what we perceive the future will hold, we act on the idea of what we think it will be so we make it that way •Example: o Riverbank collapsing around sask cres, constant rebuilding of the riverbank creates a more expensive area due to the investment •is "embedded in a risk economy that attempts to ensure against future catastrophe. This is a temporality of negative exuberance -- for we are never safe enough, never healthy enough, never prepared enough -- driven by limitation (repetition of the same or in the service of maintain the same) rather than innovation (openness to disruption of the same, calling out to the new) (Puar, 200 p. xx) Homonationalism •Example: using the example of oppression in the Muslim community to hide the fact they are oppressing their own people •A "collusion between homosexuality and American nationalism •Bush using women's rights in 911 to show what's going on, how we need to save them that is generated both by national rhetoric's of patriotic inclusion and by gay queer subjects (Puar, 2007 pg. 39) •Gay republicans Homonormativity: •Taking heterosexual traditions and placing them in homosexual acts •a set of "neoliberal sexual politics [...] that does not contest dominant heteronormative assumptions and institutions, but upholds and sustains them, while promising the possibility of a demobilized
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