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University of Saskatchewan
Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 220
Rachel Loewen Walker

WGST 220 March 31 1 Sydney: • defining queer • looked at two different set groups of people in her life and how they defined the term queer o her extended family and the GLEE Club • found that most of the respondents did not use queer how we do in class, they did not focus on both gender and sexuality but instead focused on one Inger: • looked at issues with healthcare in the LBGT* community • there was a difference in groups of individuals within the LBGT* community and what they needed from healthcare providers as well as what they were not getting • looked at how people are trained to approach LBGT* health issues • wants to do a survey or focus group looking at health concerns for individuals in the LBGT* community, specifically trans* individuals Debbie • queering feminist spaces • looked at how to include queer individuals within feminist spaces o one area was looking at how trans* men are affected in the pro choice/pro l
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