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Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 311
Donna Darbellay

WGST 311 th January 15 1 Critical reflection papers: – pick one article from last week or this week – a snap shot of the article and its contents, as well as your opinion/interpretation of the article – highlight the key arguments – what are the key points? – What are the intentions – are there some particular quotes that you keep returning to? – Formulate your response in some way – what points do you agree/disagree with – keep in mind the date the article was written – is there anything missing? Does it feel incomplete? – Anything flawed or confusing? – Anything lacking? Should something be developed more? – Intro paragraph – conclusion paragraph – can refer to other sources – make sure they are cited in bibliography – do not just respond We are in transition – things are not fixed – there is flexibility around the terms sex and gender – now matter how emancipated we might be we frequently bump into situations that are willing to pin us down again and want to fix us – trans-liberation – express themselves in the world and control their own bodies – the prevalent concepts about how males and females should look act ... – looks as treatment of individuals as an expression on their experience of gender – “natural” and “normal” being attached to what women can do in the world (sometimes based on how they dress or look, or in political context how they get to act/what they get to do) – ex: Hilary Clinton and how she had to change her appearance in order to be within politics – the way in which this article is written is about changing gender dynamics and opening up ideas for women and men and children – it is not only trans people who need the work done, the way they are going about it offers instruction and incentive for us to do something – regardless of what we want to do we can get boxed back in – charicatures of notions of “real men” or “real women” – stereotypes – comedic quality – defining codes for men and women WGST 311 th January 15 2 Men Women • emotionless • passive • providers • maternal • sexual appetite • illogical • active • petite • muscular • • hairy – Behind all of thi
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