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University of Waterloo
Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 241
Theophanis Stratopoulos

Week 2 (May 13-17) Lecture 1 Agenda: 1. Industry Classification Scheme & Compustat 2. New Technology Adoption - Zotero 3. IT payoffs - I 4. IT payoffs - II Industry Classification Scheme & Compustat ● Use compustat to find the GIC, SIC, and NAICS of Whirlpool. ● Using the feedback from Compustat proceed to identify the different classification schemes in each of the classification systems ○ GIC, NAICS, SIC ⇒Using the same approach complete the assignment on page 41 of the teaching notes for the Insurance industry. ○ Replicate with the four digit sic, four digit NAICS, and eight digit GIC. New Technology Adoption - Zotero ● Cloud computing - classification ● In text citations and reference with Zotero IT payoffs - I ● Blackbox, productivity paradox, Strassman ● Variables, underlying assumptions, and statistical analysis used IT payoffs - II (May 14) ● Chaos report & implications Lecture 2 Agenda: 1. IT payoffs - II IT Payoffs - II ● IT capability defined - Opening the black box ○ Implementation ■ Hard IT= IT infrastructure - H/W needed for implementation of ERP at WHR ■ Soft IT=human IT resources - resources dedicated by WHR ● technical IT skills ● managerial IT s
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