AFM 333 Lecture 9: GREENonTEC

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University of Waterloo
Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 333
Mark Anarson

GREENonTEC (GT) FIRST: Size up the company * read first and last page! Role: Robert Kanduth, founder and CEO of the company Request: how to compete and grow? (ie. can they continue to rely on their current tech + quality advantages under changing circumstances?) What is GT? - manufacture flat plate solar thermal collectors for water heating o types of technology available: flat plate – more durable; ETC – much cheaper technology, higher maintenance, more likely to break - strong position in Germany & Austria, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Baltics, etc. (Has experience with internationalization!) - want to get started in the US - 40% of sales in Germany, 40% in rest of Europe, 20% in the rest of the world (US) - In business since 1995 (around 20 years) What do their financials look like? - 53million Euros per year in revenues - company revenue is decreasing (dropping 14%) but industry is growing at 15%!!!!! Key competitors? Value proposition - he did all the work himself at first… - focus solely on R&D and production (higher production allowed), outsourced branding, sales and distribution so high quality at low price! - durable product (last 40 years) Value Chain - manufacturing for volume + flexibility - seamless supply chain & effective logistics services Who do they sell to? - OEM supplier (create stuff sold by another company) SECOND: List of Issues *flag them as you notice them! - Chinese manufacturers are copying their product o china market is getting bigger, cheap Chinese competitors are making knock-offs, china’s marke
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