Rollover Rundown All the rollovers learned summarized into 2 pages.

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Accounting & Financial Management
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AFM 461
Stanley Laiken

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841sale of shares to a corporation may receive shares and boot in returnmust be connected after rollover 10applies even if not using section 85 straight up salethere will be a deemed dividend if bootpucacb 85there is an elected amountcan crystallize capital gains elected amount can be between tax cost and FMVACB of new shareselected amountFMV boot allocate first to boot then to PS then to CS 55sale of shares from corporation to unrelated party in exchange for either boot or Preferred shares the corporation we are selling shares of pays out a dividend where no tax is paid for the receiving corporation ie the corporating holding the sharespurpose of the dividend must be to reduce capital gain on sale of sharesthe offensive dividend is deemed to be added to proceeds of disposition remember to take out safe incomethere may be a DD on the ULTIMATE saleredemption under 843 of the PREFERED shares not our original shares 851shares exch
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