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Mike's Bikes information details the steps of mike's bikes and what groups must do

Accounting & Financial Management
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Robert Sproule

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October 5, 2010
Mike’s Bikes
- Simulation gives us the exposure to actions and their impacts in the business world
- Keep data together- wiki, one computer
- Start by selling one product
- As the game progresses, you have the option to update model (cost 1mil 2mil)
- You can decide to sell a different kind of bike
- You are the manufacturer, sell your bike to different distributors
- You set the retail selling price for your bikes
- Objective: maximize shareholder value
What impacts demand?
- Specifications
- Pricing
- Quality
- Advertising
- Distribution income, margin, extra support
- Delivery time
Write a report (doing this 6 times). Reviewing all 6 rollovers. Discuss strategy and decisions
made. Look at the results for each rollover. Comment on actual performance, competitors
actions and their impact on your company’s performance.
Make an early decision regarding allocation of work
1 approach divide rollovers and intro/conclusion of exec summary
Or split the summaries ex. One for accounting, one for financing..
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