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ANTH 100
Nancy Barrickman

Guns Germs and Steel Movie Notes  Plants may have shaped the world into how it looks  New Guinean people are some of the most adaptable people  Well organized work force is common in ancient cultures  Middle was far more forested and hunter gatherers roamed  A catastrophic change in the climate caused world to become colder and drier 12000 years ago  The middle east became drier and colder, animals died off and humans had to look further than ever to find food  People were starting to put down roots in areas with oval huts living in communities (11, 500 years ago it emerged)  They could dry grains, store food on a year around basis to help survive year around  They start bringing food sources back to them, instead of going where they are. The humans in the middle east were becoming farmers, the first farmers  Hunter gatherers could not maintain food without being farmers  After middle east, china had rice, corn in USA, Africa it was yams  New Guinean diets are low in protein, and thus may eat spiders to supplement  Geographical luck may
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