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ANTH 100
Jennifer Liu

ANTH 102 MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY FEB 4 - Cross cultural study of health and health problems - One of the fastest growing areas of anthropology - Mainly part of cultural anthropology, but also linked with other fields, like biological anthropology “subfield of anthropology that uses social, cultural. Biological, and linguistic to better understand those factors which influence health and wellbeing, experience and distribution of illness” The study of human health in a variety of cultural and environmental contexts ORIGIN - Early contributors of medical anthropology were physicians - Focused on understanding non-western healing systems Historical writings in MedAnth. - W.H.R. Rivers “Massage in Melanesia” - Evans Pritchard “Notion of Witchcraft explains Unfortunate events” Ethnomedicine: study of cross-cultural health systems Culture-Bound Syndromes - Certain kinds of health problems manifest in certain communities/cultures - Social factors are often underlying cause - Can be fatal not “just in the mind” Susto - Found in Spain and Portugal - Back pain, fatigue, lack of appetite, nightmare connected to traumatic events - People suffering from Susto have higher mortality rates Anorexia and Bulimia “the West” - Associated with industrial, Western societies - Found in mostly Euro-American adolescent girls - Culturally linked to excessive concern with looks/body weight Health System - Perceptions/beliefs of body - Classifications of health problems - Prevention measures - Healers Social suffering - health problems caused by war,
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