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ANTH100 Lecture Notes - Cultural Revolution

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Jennifer Liu

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ANTH 102 Religion, Ethnics: Experience of Contemporary Chinese Muslims MARCH 8
Muslim World
- Most Muslims live in Asia [60%]
Most populous: Indonesia ~ 202 million people [largest amount in contemporary nation]
- South Asia predominately Muslim
- Most Middle Eastern states have around 30million Muslims
Who Are the Muslims In China?
- Same amount of Muslims in China like in Middle Eastern states
- 56 minorities in China [Han is dominate]
- 2 main Muslim minorities: Huizu and Uyghur
Look Chinese and speak Chinese
Found throughout China
Because of religious identity as Muslims, they are grouped as such
Stereotype: good at doing business
Separated from rest of Chinese because they don’t eat pork [marks their Huizu
Sometimes marked as Huizu status when ancestors are foreign
Turkic, historically lived in North West China
Ethnically different from Chinese
Preserve their culture by marrying within own group
People’s Republic of China [1949-present]
- Led by communist Chinese party
- Initial allowance of religious groups
Policies changed
- Religious activity tied with political organization
- Cultural revolution: young Chinese people destroyed things in community that was related to
holding China back from modern culture
Deconstruction of religious practice in China
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