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ANTH 100
Jennifer Liu

ANTH 102 Chapter 10: Religion March 11 Magic – Religion – Science - EB Taylor (1870s)  All 3 are alike  Science is superior and most rational - Sir James Frazer (1890s)  Magic was way for people to compel supernatural forces  Religion was way to please gods and supernatural beings  IMITATIVE MAGIC [something stands in for something else. Basis for use of voodoo dolls]”like produces like” vs. CONTAGIOUS MAGIC [something that was part of you before, now separated, is still connected to you which can do harm to you. Be careful of clothes/teeth/fingernails you leave behind] “ongoing relationship with things left behind” Sports Magic? Sports players use symbols to manage anxiety in unpredictable situations Immigrant Groups Religion can provide a community for immigrant groups Afterlivesour beliefs about the afterlife shapes how we behave now Calling someone’s religion a cult is delegitimizing it Pilgrimage Travel to sacred places for purpose of religious devotion or rituals ex. Jerusalem Rituals behaviors in which there is no connections between the means and desired ends Rituals of Inversion a ritual which normal social
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