ANTH100 Lecture Notes - Wage Labour, Sustainable Development, Applied Anthropology

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Published on 15 Apr 2013
Developmental Anthropology
- Change directed toward improving human welfare
- Applied anthropology of development: using anthropology to improve development
- Critical anthropology of development:
Theories and Models of Development
- Modernization
economic growth and industrialization. Focused on material progress. Individual
betterment. Consolidation of state, more efficient/powerful
- Growth-oriented development
focused on less developed countries, reduction of government
- Distributional development
Against growth-oriented development. Social justice approach.
- Human development
Human welfare/health/education
- Sustainable development
maintenance of nonrenewable resources
3 major reasons for developmental project failures
1. cultural and environment “fit” [one size fits all assumption]
2. benefits did not reach target group
3. intended beneficiaries worse off after the project
Effects of development
- culture change
- food insecurity
- health problems
- psychological toll
- wage labor
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