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ANTH 100
Keriann Mc Googan

Modern Human Morphology 1. Small faces, protruding chins 2. Rounded skull 3. Less robust postcranial skeleton Modern Humans in Africa - Ethiopia o Omo Kibish o 195 kya o one individual modern-looking, one less so o earliest modern human found - Herto, Ethiopia o Accurately dated to 160-154 kya using radiometric techniques o Best preserved early Homo sapiens cranium found o Evidence of African origin for Homo sapiens o Morphological patterns observed didn’t math any contemporary modern human population: might support African origin Modern Humans in Asia - China o 7 regions o Liujiang Cave, Upper Cave at Zhoukoudian, Tianyuan Cave, Ordos in Mongolia o Continuity from Homo erectus to modern humans o Tianyuan cave  African origin, but possibly interbreeding with resident early hominins; similar to those found in Africa (partial replacement model) Modern Humans in Australia - Sahul 50 kya (includes New Guinea and Australia) - Not clear how reached Australia  boat? Used bamboo rafts from Indonesia - Lake Mungo o Earliest finds so far; earliest Australian homo sapiens lived there 14000-9000 years ago o mtDNA o Fossils found show archaic traits; genetically more similar to native Australians Modern Humans in Central Europe - Oase Cave, Romania – 35 kya o Cranial remains (mandible and partial skull) of 3 robust but anatomically modern humans - Mladec in Czech Republic – 31 kya - After 28 kya, modern humans widely dispersed in central and western Europe Modern Humans in Western Europe - Cro-Magnon, France o Associated with Aurignacian tools o 8 anatomically modern human individuals found - Portugal o Child skeleton found o Possible hybridization in fossil record  might indicate interbreeding between neandertals and modern humans  limb proportions and robustness might indicate neandertal features  Might also be because it was a child skeleton found, so it is not yet fully developed The “Little People” - Liang Bua, Flores, Indonesia (island)  13 kya o found at least 2 adult hominins, mandible of one individual and a cranium, mandible, and post-cranial evidence of another individual - Hominins with unique morphology  3 feet tall, 417 cc (very small brain) - Descendants from Homo erectus found in Indonesia  Homo sapiens might not be only Homo members that survived o Conundrum: how did they get from Indonesia to this island of Flores? Pote
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