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Lecture 5

ARTS111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Job Performance, Problem Solving, Assertiveness

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Jayne Hayden

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Emotional Intelligence
Assertive: 62.50
Self Awareness: 75.00
Independence: 75.00
Self Regard: 55.00
Self-Actualization: 75.00
Empathy: 75.00
Social Responsibility: 68.75
Interpersonal Relationship: 75.00
Problem Solving: 75.00
Reality Testing: 68.75
Flexibility: 75.00
Stress Tolerance: 68.75
Impulse Control: 58.33
Happiness: 75.00
Optimism: 68.75
- There are no qualities that fit into areas of enrichment.
- Some of the qualities that were categorized in the areas of effective functioning include,
Assertive, self regard, social responsibility, reality testing, stress tolerance, impulse
control, and optimism. These areas are important for work and success. For example,
one must show assertiveness, then only one can achieve what they want. Assertiveness
has overlap with confidence and leadership. These are important aspects to job
performance and success. In order for me to go after what I want and deserve I must be
assertive and demanding. Not having an assertive behavior can lead to one losing out on
many opportunities. Also, not having high self-regard can lead to a negative mindset and
put oneself down. However, I want to keep my assertiveness to be balances so I also
do’t eoe aggressie. A lo self-regard can result in low confidence which can be a
ajor setak i jo perforae ad ahieig oe’s goals.
- Some of the qualities that are included in the areas of enhanced functioning include, self
awareness, independence, self actualization, interpersonal responsibility, problem
solving, flexibility, and happiness. For example, some of these can really enhance my
workplace performance. Independence is important in order to be productive and
focused, one must show self-capability to do well on the job. Problem solving is also a
key company to success at work and increased job performance. Effective problem
solving skills allow employees to analyze problems, identify problems and assess the
impact of alternative solutions. Workplace training designed to develop problem
solving skills help employees to work more efficiently with co-workers, customers, and
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