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Lecture 5

ARTS111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Christian Meditation, In Essence

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Jayne Hayden

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Mitul Patel
Family as Influencers to Ones Career Choice
From an early age, I and most children observe other peoples behavior and
imitate them as if they are role models. Growing up without a babysitter my parents
have always been highly involved in my life ranging from being involved with my extra
circular activates to time spent at home. This gave me a lot of time to see, hear, and
observe my parents discuss about their life and work. My aspirations to my parents
occupations are influenced by my perception of how satisfied my parents were with their
work. With these circumstances my environment that I was brought up in has played a
major role in my current career decisions. This autobiography will discuss family factors
including parental involvement, family occupations, family culture and how their
contribution in part shaped my career goals.
Firstly, parental involvement in an adolescent’s life can greatly shape an
individual’s behavior, thought process and ultimately one’s career decisions. Parents
want the best for their children and often they may unconsciously steer their children’s
in a preferred developmental path based off their preferences and experiences. For
example, throughout my early teen ages I was always placed in summer science camps
or sport activates such as basketball and swimming. I was kept busy and did not spend
much have much time playing with friends at the playground. Being an only child my
parents were highly involved where I feel the parental involvement have mostly been
positive influences but some negative. Being kept in many extra activates have helped
me develop many skills including athletic development, concentration ability and time
management. However, this distanced me from social interaction with friends. The fact
that I was fortunate to attempt many activities and disciplines gave me a better idea of
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Mitul Patel
my strengths and weaknesses. This parental involvement method gave me a chance to
learn what my interests are; thus my parents choice of activities can greatly affect my
career decisions. In relation to my current career goals, being placed in science camp
throughout childhood has allowed me to gain an interest and feel comfortable with
science specifically the medical field as Im currently studying Biomedical Sciences. In
addition, during my adolescent years I have been placed in educational classes outside
school including Kumon and Oxford Learning. Through these methods my parents have
indirectly emphasized the importance of education and school performance. These
events have led me in pursuing a highly educational demanding career in healthcare.
Overall, my parents maintained a positive trajectory in regard to parental involvement
through emphasis on academic and sport activities, late adolescent independence, and
maintaining high adaptability.
Secondly, the variety of occupations within my family and distant family have
been a major contribution to my current career decisions. My parents both have
graduated with bachelor degrees in business administration from India. However, after
immigrating to Canada they pursued to become business owners of multiple Harveys
locations across Kitchener-Waterloo region. With this in effect, my father, never got me
too involved in the family business, and always emphasized the importance of
education. He knew the difficulties of this lifestyle with working seven days a week,
under continual stress and financial risk. My distant family, that reside in the United
Kingdom, consists of dentists, pharmacists, and optometrists. My father, having seen
their simple lifestyle, guided me to this field of study. Fortunately, I have developed
interest in the healthcare field. On the other hand, having a family with such occupations
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