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Lecture 31

ARTS111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 31: Skill, Woodworking

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Jayne Hayden

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SkillScan Reflection
Top 4 Skill Categories:
1. Relationship 2. Management/Leadership 3. Communication 4. Analytical
Top Skillsets:
consultation/influence skillset, core relationship skillset, facilitative management skillset,
counsel/teach skillset, organizational management skillset, leadership and leadership potential
skillset, persuasion/promotion skillset, support/service skillset, core communication skillset.
Skills to Develop:, operate equipment, Write, sketch/draw
Skills to Avoid: Create Images, Author Compose, Build/Construct, Manage Data, Design, Install
A) Some of the skills that I would consider to be major roles in my occupational choices
include, Management/Leadership, Communication and Analytical. Some of the skill
categories that I would consider secondary in respect to my occupational goals include
Relationship, and Physical/technical.
B) Roles that would be considered minor or non-influential would include creative as this
would not pertain any importance to my occupational goal in the healthcare profession.
C) Some of the skills that I have need to develop include visualize, repair and write. In
order to develop my equipment operation skills, I can begin taking technical classes such
as woodworking, skilled trades classes, learn electronic repair through online work.
These activities overall can help me improve my ability control and operate to
mechanical and electronic equipment. In order to improve my writing, I can begin to
read more novels, non-fiction books, take a writing course, practice writing stories to
improve my ability to express ideas with proper tone, language, and punctuation. And in
order to improve my drawing skills I can begin to draw things of interest as practice,
take sketching classes, become more involved with artistic work. These activities will
help me improve my ability to draft plans, pictures, and diagrams to portray my ideas.
D) In relation to my top skills categories and skillsets some of the occupations of interest
include Physician, Healthcare clinic Owner, Dentistry, Psychiatrist.
E) I am looking for work that enables me to incorporate my leadership/management,
analytical and communicative skills in an everyday fashion. These skills are important to
me as they keep interested and challenged in my work. Being able to lead and
communicate with teammates on a regular basis is something that I would look forward
to. Some skills that I would like to avoid in my work include building/construct,
author/compose, create images and essentially some of the skills of the artistic
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