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Lecture 2

ARTS111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Turnitin, American Psychological Association, Plagiarism Detection

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Duane Kennedy

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Arts 111: Career Development & Decision-Making:
Term: Winter 2016 Instructor: Jayne Hayden, BA, MEd
Location: AL 208 Office: TC 1210
Meet time: 4:00-5:20 M - W Telephone: Ext. 33001
(Include ARTS 111 in subject)
Office hours: By appointment
Course Description:
This course is designed to assist students in understanding the career development process, in order to make informed and
appropriate occupational and educational decisions. Students will study key career development theories and learn how to
integrate self-knowledge into occupational/life decisions, set goals, and devise strategies to attain these goals.
Course Goals and Learning Outcomes:
Identify personal interests, abilities, values and personality traits and apply these in making effective career
Apply key career development theories to your career development process
See yourself as an active agent in your career/life planning process
Identify career barriers and methods for overcoming them
Develop a strategic career action plan
Enhance your knowledge of the world of work. Occupational alternatives will be generated through utilization of
occupational resources and information interviews
Develop lifelong skills associated with career decision making and career management. You will learn how to make
self-appropriate occupational choices and set realistic occupational/educational goals
Class Format:
Classes will be a combination of lecture, discussion and experiential learning
Required and Suggested Materials:
*Suggested: Beckhusen, L., (2009-2012). Career Driver Online. Martinez, CA: SkillScan. (buy access code at the
Bookstore) (*Alternative: deck of cards available through Instructor)
Required: Holland, J. (1994). Self-Directed Search. Lutz, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. (need
two (2) pieces: Assessment Booklet and Occupations Finder)
Required: Sampson, J.P., Jr., et al (1996). Career Thoughts Inventory, Odessa, FL: Psychological Assessment
Resources, Inc. (need to buy two (2) of the same booklet)
Course Outline:
Jan 4 : Overview of Course:
Introduction; discussion of course outline and assignments
Jan 6: Overview of Career Development Process:
Definitions and concepts; factors involved
Jan 11: Career Development Process:
Historical perspective: Logical Positivism to Constructivism
Learning styles
CASVE Cycle: Communication
Jan 13: Career Development Process:
Myths/dysfunctional thinking; Career Thoughts Inventory
Factors influencing career choice
Related assignment:

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Complete the Career Thoughts Inventory and bring to class (**do not score it**); submit related
ePortfolio reflection to course Dropbox by midnight January 17 (dropbox instructions on course website
under Content)
Jan 18: Factors influencing career choice
LEARN ePortfolio
Jan 20: Factors influencing career choice
Family, sexual orientation
Related assignment:
Vocational Inheritance ePortfolio reflection (submit to course Dropbox by midnight January 24)
Jan 25: Factors influencing career choice
Role models
Jan 27: Factors influencing career choice
Significant events, peers
Chance: Planned Happenstance, Chaos Theory
Feb 1: Factors influencing career choice
Self Assessment: Who am I?
Role in CDM, assessment tools, CACGS
Interests: concepts, measurement of
Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice
Feb 3: Self Assessment: Who am I?
Holland’s Theory (cont’d)
Self-Directed Search
World-of-Work Map
Related assignment:
Complete Self -Directed Search and bring to class; complete the associated ePortfolio reflection and
submit to course Dropbox by midnight February 7
***Autobiography paper due to course Dropbox by midnight tonight***
Feb 8: Self Assessment: Who am I?
Personality: concepts, measurement of
Related assignments:
Personality Assessment in TypeFocus (; register as new user; site password uw74;
use first and last name for login username – if taken, find an alternate such as first initial and last name
or last name only; choose own login password; create a portfolio. C omplete the assessment prior to
today’s class. For class: know your 4-letter type.
Complete TypeFocus ePortfolio reflection and submit to course Dropbox by midnight February 14
Feb 10: Self Assessment: Who am I?
Skills: concepts, measurement of
Values: concepts, measurement of
Related assignments:
Complete SkillScan online (***email me your unique access code purchased at Bookstore in order to
obtain instructions from SkillScan***) OR deck of cards activity (available from me) and bring results
to class; complete the SkillScan ePortfolio reflection and submit to course Dropbox by midnight
February 21
Complete the Values ePortfolio reflection and submit to course Dropbox by midnight February 21
Feb 15/17: NO CLASS – Reading Week
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