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Lecture 5

AVIA102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Confusion, Depth PerceptionPremium

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Su Yin Tan

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Human comfort range  20 – 30 degrees C and 50% humidity
In extreme heat  hyperthermia
Induces dehydration and heat exhaustion
In extreme cold hypothermia
Mental confusion and loss of ability to concentrate
- Empty-Field Myopia
oPilot becomes near sighted
oDistant objects appear smaller and further away
Conflicting traffic appears at a safe distance away
oDirty windshields
Eye focuses on dirty points causing empty-field myopia
- Low light
oIn low light conditions, cones become almost inactive
oHappens when eyes must change from night to day vision (dusk/dawn)
oLooking directly at something will make it disappear
Air quality and vision
- Good air quality and good visibility makes distant objects look closer whereas hazy conditions
makes nearby objects look distant
Illusions during taxi
- Night taxiing appears slower because of lack of visual references
Illusions on take-off
- False pitch up illusions
- Using stars as horizon at night
- No depth perception
- Shadows from overcast layer gives false sense of ground
Autokinesis Illusions
- Staring at small fixed light at night will make it appear to move
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