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Lecture 07

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BIOL 110
Christine Dupont

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Outline of Lecture 07 Abdominal Wall I. Surface Anatomy - Palpate: xyphoid process, ribs, anterior superior iliac spine, inguinal ligament, mons pubis - Can divide abdominal surface two ways (be able to name the regions) - Subcostal, transtubercular, and two midclavicular planes give 9 regions - Transumbilical and median plane gives 4 regions II. Anterior Abdominal Wall - Four major muscles of the anterior abdominal wall 1) External Oblique 2) Internal Oblique 3) Transversus Abdominus 4) Rectus Abdominus - Other structures: Linea alba Transversalis fascia ( transverses abdominus) Rectus sheath (recall what makes it up, and how it changes superior to inferior) (Arcuate line) Umbilicus III. Inguinal Region - Inguinal ligament ( aponeuroses of external oblique,  superficial inguinal ring) - Inguinal canal: spermatic cord (male) or round ligament (female) passes through it - Deep inguinal ring - Male: Descent of testis - Gubernaculum pulls testis through inguinal
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