BIOL110 Lecture Notes - Jejunum, Splanchnic Nerves, Cecum

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30 Jan 2013
Outline of Lecture 08
0. Overview of the gut tube
- Divided into 3 sections
- Foregut: stomach to bile duct in duodenum plus associated organs; celiac
- Midgut: duodenum to transverse colon; superior mesenteric artery
- Hindgut: transverse colon to rectum; inferior mesenteric artery
- Gut tube derives from folding of endoderm, continuous with yolk sac
I. Mesentery
- Overview of mesentery
- Def mesentery: opposing layers of visceral mesothelium (sim. squa.
serosal epithelium)
- Def ligaments: mesenteries that connect organs
- Gut tube suspended in peritoneal cavity by dorsal and ventral mesenteries, but
later ventral mesentery breaks down
- Examples of mesenteries: pleura (lungs), pericardium (heart), peritoneum
- Derivatives of dorsal mesentery
- Greater omentum (func. includes sealing off infection and inflammation)
- Lesser sac (potential space is omental bursa)
- Epiploic foramen (aka omental foramen, foramen of Winslow)
- Gastrosplenic ligament (greater curvature spleen)
- Splenophrenic ligament (spleen diaphragm)
- Splenorenal ligament (spleen posterior abdominal wall near left
- Derivatives of ventral mesentery
- Lesser omentum
- Hepatoduodenal ligament (liver duodenum)
- Hepatogastric ligament (liver lesser curvature)
- Falciform ligament (ventral liver anterior abdominal wall)
- Development explains dorsal versus ventral mesentery structures
- The spleen is a dorsal structure, hence spleno-/-splenic ligaments are
dorsal mesentery
- The liver is a dorsal structure, hence hepato- ligaments are ventral
- However, all -colic ligaments are adhesions (see below)
- The broad ligament of the uterus is a true mesentery of the pelvis
- Suspensory ligament of the ovary (lateral)
- Mesovarium (posterior)
- Mesosalpinx (superior)
- Ligaments that are NOT mesenteries
- Fibrous cords
- Ligamentum teres ( umbilical vein)
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