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Lecture 2

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BIOL 120
Simon Chuong

Lecture 2 SummaryIntroduction Plant cells are totipotent o This means that they have the ability to change differentiate from one cell type to another o ie stem cells you can grow a whole plant from a cluster of other cells cloning ChloroplastsContain chlorophyll pigment are the site of photosynthesisLarger than mitochondria 5xCan have one or more chloroplastsHave two outer membranes and circular chromosomehave series of internal membranebound sacs called thylakoidsPlastidsPlastids plant organelles that make or store food or pigmentsChloroplasts are a type of plastid contain chlorophyll pigment and is the site of photosynthesisLeucoplasts mean white lack pigments ieamyoplasts proteinoplasts elaioplastsPlastids are versatile and can change from one into another note totipotencyVacuolescan occupy 90 of the volume of mature plant cellslatin vacuus meaning emptyDOES have contents and plays important metabolic roleWhere toxic compounds waterions are storedFormation of crystals and break down of larger macromoleculesMaintains cell shapeMembrane of vacuole is called tonoplast Plant Cell StructureCytoskeleton
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